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Senior Discounts: From Clothes to Groceries to Airfare–No Coupons Required

March 16, 2012

If you’re helping pay for an elderly parent’s care, every penny probably counts these days—for both you and your parents. So to save a little cash without clipping coupons, you might want to check out the BradsDeals list of 106 businesses that offer senior discounts. It includes restaurants, of course, but also a number of other companies, such as:

  • Clothes stores
  • Thrift stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Cell-phone companies
  • Hotels
  • Airlines

The money-savers website notes:

Since many senior discounts are not advertised to the public, our advice to men and women over 55 is to ALWAYS ask a sales associate if that store provides a senior discount.

Here are some previous OurParents posts about money-saving offers for seniors and caregivers:

Leigh Ann Otte is a freelance writer who specializes in health and aging issues. She covers finding and paying for senior care for OurParents. If you have any questions about this post or need help finding senior care options for a loved one, call 1-866-483-4896 to speak with a care advisor in your area.

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